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From the initial pick up, sorting, and packing of materials, people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities perform the tasks. RewearAble is fulfilling ACLD’s mission by providing people with special needs the opportunity to obtain steady, secure employment, where they can earn an income and live more independently.

RewearAble also helps the environment by keeping unwanted clothing and fabric material out of landfills and provides donors with a tax deduction. Roughly 85 percent of clothing material that could be recycled ends up in landfills across the nation.*

*According to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association


Our Mission

The mission of RewearAble is to provide sustainable employment for adults with developmental disabilities. By providing opportunities for these individuals to increase their independence through sustainable employment, RewearAble directly supports the mission of Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities (ACLD).

RewearAble Management Team

Rosmaliz Valdes-Romero
Operations Manager
Marco Noboa
Lead Sorter
Howie Rosenthal


Karen G
Lead Sorter
Lauren P
Susan P
Michael H
Fred S
Alan M
Samantha S
Howard M
Meg P

Our Team At Work

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So happy to have partnered with RewearAble! Our employees love that they can easily donate their clothing and other materials to such a good cause. As the administrator to the program, it could not be easier! When the lovely bin (that RewearAble provides) is full, all I do is call and schedule a pick up and they come right away! It's a "win-win" for everyone!
Tracy PerryAssistant to the CEO, RF|BINDER
I am so happy to have a job working at RewearAble. I work with people who are kind to me. We all work together sorting, cleaning, folding and packing the clothes. I earn a paycheck. I can now save money for a summer vacation and for buying movies, which I love. I feel proud to go to work each day just as my two brothers also do.
Fred SpiegelSorter at RewearAble
The students at The Rosemary Kennedy School have been volunteering at RewearAble since October of 2017. They started out with simple folding of sheets and towels, and have gone on to so much more since. Sorting, matching, bagging, counting, rubber banding, and breaking up boxes are some of the tasks that have been added to their repertoire since they started. Our students, with our staff supervision, have learned to work as part of a team, to stay in their work area; to work without prompting and continual redirection; to accept help without acting out; and to adjust to changes when necessary. They have learned to function appropriately as well as productively in the RewearAble setting. The need for prompting has decreased, and the productivity has increased. Additionally, the students have learned to adjust to not finding out until they get to the site what they are doing and where they are working, which is a great learning experience for them. RewearAble has been a very successful work environment for our students.
Linda WhelanRosemary Kennedy School
We greatly admire your organization's goal to provide employment for individuals with disabilities, as it benefits not only ACLD but the companies with which you foster relationships. At our Bristal Assisted Living communities you provide our Residents with a wonderful sense of contribution and purpose by facilitating the donation of their used clothing to your great RewearAble program. All of us, employees and Residents alike, look forward to the collection of the clothing by the ACLD staff and individuals it employs. We are proud to be in a partnership with ACLD, as it clearly strives to and succeeds in empowering individuals with disabilities while providing goods and services as needed within the community.
When I heard about RewearAble starting I had to see what it was all about. To my surprise I was impressed. When you have good workers it’s amazing how fast things come together. I started telling friends about RewearAble, and started forwarding many clothing donations. How wonderful that his business provides sustaining employment to men and women with varying disabilities. RewearAble is a terrific business that truly provides an enviable life.
Mary Lou Maiuri

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